Manicures & Pedicures

All manicure and pedicure treatments include nail and cuticle grooming, massage, and buff or polish.

Island Indulgence Mani $20 / Pedi $35 / Combo $49

Need a quick escape? Our basic services will do just the trick. Our manicure service begins with a bubbling soak enriched in oils to soften your skin, followed by a rich massage high in Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

Sink your feet into a relaxing foot bath enriched in Aloe Vera gel and exfoliate with a delicious sugar scrub, featuring pomegranate extracts, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. Complete your pedicure experience with a lovely foot massage. You will leave relaxed and ready to soak up Sundrops here or your next island destination.

Frenchie Mani $35 / Pedi $45 / Combo $75

Rejuvenate your dry, weak, and brittle nails in a warm soothing milk and honey lotion soak. Finish your manicure service with a paraffin wrap and polish.

Soak your feet in a botanical enriched bath, before buffing away dead skin with a She butter scrub. Then dip your feet into a lavender paraffin wrap with a massage. Complimentary French polish. Ooh la la!

Down ‘n’ Dirty Pedi $62

We are getting down and dirty to repair those tattered tootsies. Begin by soaking in a foot bath that will dissolve dead skin cells and soften calluses. Next we buff your feet with a scrub loaded with pumice, walnut shells and seaweed extract. We then slough your calluses away with callus eliminator to leave you with silky smooth feet. Finish with a skin renewing foot massage.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
Mani $45 / Pedi $55 / Combo $85

Treat your skin to the Sundrops Signature service. Condition your hands in a harmonizing tonic soak filled with diamond jewels. After shaping, nail cleansing, and cuticle restoration, an illuminating hand mask is applied and wrapped in steamed towels. Finish your manicure service with a 10 minute citrus rose butter massage.

Sink your feet into a conditioning and soothing soak loaded with essential oils, before exfoliating with a cane sugar scrub. The soufflé scrub will hydrate skin with coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and honey. Repair dry feet with a lustrous mask with a firming peptide complex to condition skin. Finish this decadent treatment with a 15 min butter massage. Your skin will sparkle like diamonds

Power Polish Services

Shellac is a hybrid nail polish and gel combination. It applies like polish but gives a resilient mirror finish like gel. Shellac will give you 14 day wear while keeping your nails strong and protected. There
is never any filing or primers and it soaks off in minutes. The gel polish is 3Free, no Formaldehyde, Toulene, or DBP. Try it. love it.
Get addicted to it.

Express Gel Manicure / Pedicure    Mani$35 /  Pedi$40

Service includes shaping of the nail, cuticle restoration, and Shellac application

Gel Manicure $40

Service includes soak, shaping of the nail, cuticle restoration, massage, and Shellac application

Gel Pedicure $50

Service includes soak, shaping of the nail, cuticle restoration, scrub, massage, and Shellac application

R and R $22 – $35

Need a little extra rest and relaxation? Add one of these R&R services to any manicure or pedicure

  • 10 Minute Massage & Paraffin Dip $22
  • 15 Minute Massage & Paraffin Dip $30
  • 20 Minute Massage & Paraffin Dip $35

purchase gift cardHealth Conditions: Please inform us prior to your services of any health conditions that we should be aware of, such as diabetes, circulatory problems, or a low immune system, so that we may tailor services for you.

Sanitation Guidelines: Our salon follows the strict sanitation guidelines set forth by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. We offer a pedicure lounge that our clients can relax in and not worry about what “junk” is caught in the whirlpool jet. All of our files, cotton, buffers, and pedicure slippers are one time use items that are discarded after each client. All of our implements are sanitized with soap and water and then immersed in hospital grade disinfectant. We strive for the highest quality of care and safety for our clients.