Nail Enhancements


Back to Basics Mani $40

Nail enhancement removal and restoration. After a gentle soak to remove your enhancements, enjoy a complimentary hot oil manicure. Restore your nails with our natural nail growth stimulator. You will be hydrated, strong, flexible and long.


  • Pink and White Full Set $65
  • Acrylic Full Set $55
  • Acrylic Overlay $45
  • Acrylic Retouch $35
  • Acrylic Backfill $55
  • Acrylic Buff (to a high shine) $15
  • Acrylic Repair $6
  • Gel Finish $8
  • Soak Off $25


  • UV Gel Pink & White Full Set $75
  • UV Gel Full Set $70
  • UV Gel Overlay $50
  • UV Pink & White Overlay $60
  • UV Gel Retouch $40
  • UV Gel Backfill $65
  • UV Gel Repair $7
  • UV Gel Glitter/color a la carte $5
  • UV Gel File Off $25
  • Reshape (Enhancement Shaping & Gel Finish or Polish) $17
  • CND gel polish  $15

purchase gift cardHealth Conditions: Please inform us prior to your services of any health conditions that we should be aware of, such as diabetes, circulatory problems, or a low immune system, so that we may tailor services for you.

Sanitation Guidelines: Our salon follows the strict sanitation guidelines set forth by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. We offer a pedicure lounge that our clients can relax in and not worry about what “junk” is caught in the whirlpool jet. All of our files, cotton, buffers, and pedicure slippers are one time use items that are discarded after each client. All of our implements are sanitized with soap and water and then immersed in hospital grade disinfectant. We strive for the highest quality of care and safety for our clients.