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Nail Enhancements

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Nail enhancement removal and restoration. After a gentle soak to remove your enhancements, enjoy a complimentary hot oil manicure. Restore your nails with our natural nail growth stimulator. You will be hydrated, strong, flexible and long.


Pink and White Full Set (two color powders) $70

Acrylic Backfill (fill white tip) $65
Acrylic Full Set (reg polish) $60
Acrylic Speciality Full Set (special shape) $80
Acrylic Speciality Retouch (fill cuticle) $60
Acrylic Retouch (2 week fill cuticle) $45
Acrylic Rebalance (3 week fill cuticle/reshape) $60
Acrylic Reshape  $20
Powdered Mani/Acrylic Overlay $48
Acrylic Repair $7

CND gel polish $17


UV Gel Pink & White Full Set $87
UV Gel Backfill (fill white tip) $70
UV Gel Full Set (reg polish) $80
UV Gel Speciality Full Set (special shape) $90
UV Gel Speciality Retouch (fill cuticle) $70
UV Gel Retouch (2 wk fill cuticle) $50
UV Gel Rebalance (3 wk fill/reshape) $65
UV Gel Reshape $24
UV Gel Overlay $55
UV Gel Repair $11
Apres Gel X Set (includes gel polish)  $75

CND gel polish $17