Nail Enhancements

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Nail enhancement removal and restoration. After a gentle soak to remove your enhancements, enjoy a complimentary hot oil manicure. Restore your nails with our natural nail growth stimulator. You will be hydrated, strong, flexible and long.


Acrylic Pink and White Full Set Sculpted (two color powders) $82

Acrylic Backfill (fill white tip) $80
Acrylic Full Set Sculpted (reg polish) $78
Acrylic Speciality Sculpted Full Set (special shape) starts at $95
Acrylic Speciality Retouch (fill cuticle) $60

Acrylic Full Set (tip application) $60

Acrylic Retouch (2 week fill cuticle) $47
Acrylic Rebalance (3 week fill cuticle/reshape) $60
Acrylic Reshape  $28
Powdered Mani/Acrylic Overlay $52
Acrylic Repair $10

CND gel polish $18

Hard Gel/Soft Gel

UV Gel Pink & White Full Set $95
UV Gel Backfill (fill white tip) $93
UV Gel Full Set Sculpted (reg polish) $80
UV Gel Speciality Full Set (special shape) starts at $95
UV Gel Speciality Retouch (fill cuticle) $65
UV Gel Retouch (2 wk fill cuticle) $50
UV Gel Rebalance (3 wk fill/reshape) $65
UV Gel Reshape $24
UV Gel Overlay $50
UV Gel Repair $11
Apres Gel X Set (includes gel polish)  $78

Plexigel Full Set (short-med extension) $70

Plexigel overlay (added to mani) $18

Plexigel Fill $48

CND gel polish $18